Welcome to the Better
We have a goal: To make everyones Bodrum dream become true.

A dream that anyone who has came to Bodrum; the peaceful Bodrum life is now a reality with Mirage Marina Bodrum.

Imagine a life: for 12 months you will wake up to the most beautiful view of Bodrum. The nature will be surrounding all around you. But in the meantime you will be living in the center of the city. It might sound imposible but with Mirage Marina Bodrum it is true.

Mirage Marina Bodrum Project has innovative architectual approach and is offering technological equipment coodinated with the best quality products in every house. It is located within walking distance, 10 minutes to Bodrum Marina and 5 minutes to the Bardakçı Bay.

Mirage Marina Bodrum, offers to live in the peacefull nature within the comfort of a residance. In this meaning it promises the investors profit and eternal peace for the ones who live in there.

We have prepared a lobby for you, to remind how special you are every time you come in. Your home has been furnished with smart systems. Your home has been climatized with VRV sytems that heats it in winter and cools it in summer so that you can enjoy your life in Bodrum. With sheating spring air is provided all year long. In common areas every detail was thought from botanic garden to handicapped play ground. Play rooms were prepared so you can make life time relationships with your neighbours. All the precautions were been taken with 24 hours nonstop security systems and employees so that your peace will never be disturbed. The daily car park stress has been solved with a parking garage. To add health into your life, sport, fitness, sauna and from spring pool areas were created so you could enjoy. All that you need to do is to take a step to make your dreams come true.
Don’t forget, Mirage Marina Bodrum is better than your dreams.

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